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Three days at Nigeria's Biggest Strip Club,(Cave Bar)


Against wide spread condemnation on one side and ambivalence on the other, strip tease clubs, otherwise known as gentlemen’s clubs, still thrive and thrill Lagos residents. KAZEEM POPOOLA reports the main attractions and modus operandi of these houses of fun.
Dancing with a nude drop -dead gorgeous belle is a moment that will obviously linger on for a while in the heart of anybody who has been fantasizing about it. And when world famous singer, T-Pain, sang that he was in love with a stripper some people who could not see the imaginary art of music in T-Pain’s delivery condemned him. Interestingly, it takes those who have been to devil’s parlours, as strip clubs are referred to by some, to appreciate T-Pain. Not until Lagos State took the battle against the operator of some Strip Clubs in its Mainland that people became aware that there is another world somewhere.
Club Unique, Ocean Blue and Wall Street Pub led the pack of some coded places where gentlemen go to calm their nerves watching girls of different sizes and shapes dancing naked. Apart from the fact that most strip clubs are similar in modus operandi,capacities and kind of girls on parade distinguishes one from others. However, after the clamped down on strip clubs by the State Government, which have evidently forced some out of operation, inquisitiveness took  me  to Cave Bar, the acclaimed newest and biggest strip club in town, and here are my findings.
Cave Bar was officially opened in February last year and it sits on one acre of land. The Club Lounge has two plots of land, while its Sports Bar has one full plot and the remaining space feeds other needs.
Cave Bar is always serene during the day, as peop
Executive Cabino
le come for shopping at any one of the three available boutiques. The sports bar is where one can settle down to have a bottle of drink and a conducive environment for football enthusiasts to watch the live matches of their favourite foreign clubs. There is little or no life inside the Cave Lounge at this hour and the girls too, are nowhere to be found. From 6pm some workers could be seen getting the lounge ready for another exclusive night and by 7pm, 
Regular Cabino
the waitresses, who are mostly beautiful girls of average heights, could be seen reporting for duty. Still there is no sight of any of the pretty faces known for the raunchy dance steps.

Night at Cave Lounge
This is the hour ‘gentlemen’ cannot afford to miss. The lounge can take more than 800 people at a time and about 50 girls can be on the dancing podium at any given time. From 9pm upward, regulars and new patrons of the club are seen taking their seats, waiting for show time. While waiting with bottle of champagne, energy drink, beer or what have you, two or three of the girls are already on the podium making sexy gestures with dance steps that are in tandem with music cascading from the high decibel musical equipment. The girls captivate men with their erotic overtures delivered in dance steps.

They hold sway on the podium displaying brazen dance steps. This is a teaser that sets the mood for the day, especially for the early callers who have waited patiently, relaxing with drinks, cigarettes or dancing. There are strict rules to checkmate the kind of people who visit the Lounge. The most interesting thing about the Cave Bar is that, apart from marrie
Club Entrance(Passage)
d couples and lovers, top celebrities and Caucasians top the list of regular callers. Fridays at the Cave, is called Freaky Fridays, while Thursdays and Saturdays are for the big-size ladies with arresting backside.

There are numerous, and they are for the guests who want quick sex. Cabinos are of two types, regular and exclusive, where one can go in to have a quiet moment with one’s woman. The exclusive cabinos, which are replete with all the comfort of private moment, are rented for N50,000, while others go for N30,000.

The strippers
These are beautiful damsels with clean skin, who could easily win beauty pageants. They are mostly professionals from Togo, Ghana, South Africa and other African countries. It is about taking one’s choice as they are of various sizes, heights and shapes. And just in case of diseases, Saturday Mirror reliably gathered that the management of the club carries out regular screening on the girls. While some of them speak faulty English. However most of them are good in Yoruba, English and other Nigerian languages, putting people at the crossroad about the girls’ nationalities. Aside stripping to entertain scores of fun-seekers, men and women of various ages, the strippers
 are very good in doing things that can always confound one’s imagination.

Show Time
This is around 10pm upward and there is Becky (not real name), fair in complexion, average height belle, who controls and monitors the girls. She and others of her official status are simply called coordinators. They are in smart looking wears, walking around briskly and clutching walkie-talkies. There is another girl whose responsibility is to register and collect the money made by the girls from the popular ‘lap dance’. However, no camera is allowed. Heavily built bouncers 
The boutique at Cave Bar
move around to checkmate those who could be recording secretly with camera phones.

The number of girls on the podium grows with the size of the guests in the lounge, who watch the girls while they are on the podium mesmerizing, as they ply their stuff and pulling off scanty clothing in bits. After some more suggestive dances, the ladies lowered their frame on the podium and their practised fingers began caressing their bodies. They do some turns and twists with the pole of the podium, and then spread their legs like the pages of a book as they begin to pull at their clitoris, causing sizzling sensation of a sort. As a result, some of the girls are signalled for lap dance by some of the guests, while excited ones could also be seen dashing quickly to the podium to have a raunchy dance with the girls. Another interesting aspect of the show is that, hardly do the girls repeat the same pants and bras all the night. There are other girls who assist Becky in picking up the pulled off pants and bras at the end of each lap dance.

Lap Dance
This is one major reason why regular pub crawlers prefer strip clubs to others. This involves girls sitting astride men in a mock sex. This is not for free, as price for a session of lap dance starts from one thousand naira upward, and if the pay is right, some girls allow the caressing of their boobs and private parts. No sex in the lounge rules are sometime violated by some customers who are carried away by the girls’ sensuous moves, and want to avoid the highly expensive cabinos meant for the act. They settle for N5,000 or more to have a quickie on their seats. This unacceptable act, which attracts suspension to any offender caught in the act, is mostly done by some guests at the back row, who are always handy with condoms.

Although, some sections of the society frown at operation of strip clubs base on moral perspective. More engaging perhaps, is whether the gentlemen’s clubs, as they are fondly called, are operating legally, is another question on the minds of other. Reacting to the lifted ban and legality of Strip Clubs in Lagos, Mr. Shina Eddo, proprietor of the Cave Bar said: “After the problem with the state government two years ago, the House of Assembly deliberated on the matter and eventually ordered the reopening of all the shut strip bars. “Operating a strip club is not illegal; there are strip clubs all over the world.
What you got to do is to make sure that access is denied minors and you don’t operate in residential area. If you have mature people as your guests and pay your tax as at when due, you are in the business. We have been given permission to operate, and strip clubs have been 

Passage of the Cabinos
legalised in Lagos, thanks to members of House of Assembly and the state governor for the initiative.” Popular lawyer Fred Agbaje also added: “What makes strip clubs illegal? Everybody has freedom to associate so far it’s not in contrary to the rule of law. Everybody has the right to come together to form association. it’s not illegal.”


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